PELI™ or PELI™ STORM CASE™ which one?


  • Lighter throughout the whole range. Can be up to 6 1lbs/3 kilos lighter in the larger cases.
  • Better impact resistance.
  • Press & Pull Operation Catches with Extra-Strength Wide Design Won't Pop Open When Dropped , Pain-Free Latch Operation That's Twice as Strong More Secure Case Closure
  • Purge Valve,Automatically Adjusts to Changing Environments ,No Lost Valves
  • Extended Handle (Larger Cases) which are Stronger and Lighter,
  • Panel Mount System which are Stronger Panel Mount Construction Permanent, More Secure Panel Attachment.
  • Padded Dividers are more rigid

PELI™ Cases.

  • PELI™ has the widest range of Protector Cases in the market
  • Choice of up to 6 Colours available in the Small-Medium range of Cases
  • A well known name in the industry for years.
  • Automatic pressure release valve For quick equalisation after changes in atmospheric pressure,
  • Double Step Latches made of ABS
  • Both have Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Reinforced Padlock Protectors

The quotes below are from various websites talking about PELI™ or PELI™ STORM CASE™. (Google Peli v Storm)

“A vote for the PELI™ STORM CASE™ cases. I have several PELI™ STORM CASE™ , old latch and new latch as well as several Storm cases. The latches on the Storms are much easier on the hands, especially your fingernails. Much less cursing, imho. Both Pelican and Storm cases are tough as nails. You can't go wrong with either.”

“Both are great and will last forever. One huge advantage I find with storm is the weight. It something to consider when you try to trim off those kilograms on the airplane.”


Watertight, Pressure Equalization Valve, Pick 'N' Pluck™ Foam, Convoluted Foam, Lifetime Guarantee

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