PELI™ waterproof iPod cases

Whether you are enjoying a camping trip or merely on the way to work, PELI™ waterproof iPod cases offer the ultimate protection.

What's more, our protective iPod cases come with an external headphone jack that enables you to listen to your iPod even when it is safely inside its case.

PELI™ waterproof iPod cases - special features

All protective iPod cases incorporate an extremely durable polycarbonate body and strong xylex latch to withstand the heaviest treatment.

Each case is also supplied with a useful detachable nylon strap and lid organiser. The lid organiser enables the earphones to be held securely inside the protective iPod case when they are not in use.

Protective iPod cases are fitted with a customised rubber internal compartment that retains the iPod and protects it from knocks and vibration.

PELI™ waterproof iPod cases are available in black, blue, green, pink, silver and white.

PELI™ waterproof iPod cases lifetime guarantee

For complete peace of mind, PELI™ protective iPod cases come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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