Waterproof Cases stock the complete Peli torch range.
Whether you are looking for a personal Peli torch, an emergency Peli torch or even a police torch, we have the perfect solution:

Peli torch options

  • From the Peli 1900 Mitylite up to the Peli 2340 Mitylite, the personal Peli torch range powers through water, smoke, fog and rain
  • Glow in the dark materials enable the PL Peli torch and emergency lighting station range to be quickly located in the dark
  • Peli primary dive torches have unbreakable ABS bodies and can be used with confidence at depths down to 150m
  • Medium and heavy duty torches are perfect for larger applications and provide up to 126 lumens of light
  • LED and recoil LED torches provide incredibly long burn times of up to 150 hours
  • Peli Zone 0 and Zone 1 torches are ATEX certified. As such, they are the perfect police torch and are ideal for use in all emergency situations
  • Peli rechargeable torches are supplied with long life batteries and fast chargers, direct wiring, 220 V transormers or 12 V adaptors

An unconditional lifetime guarantee accompanies every Peli torch.

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