Chargebus With Custom Case

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Case Internal Dimension(mm) Depth(mm)
Length Width Depth Lid Base
Chargebus With Custom Case 432 160 157 51 107
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Chargebus With Custom Case

Made In the UK.

ChargeBus 16 Port Charging System and Sync

Size (L)22cm x (W)13cm x (H)8cm, Weight: 1.5kg.

Multi-Port Fast-Charging System.
Available with 16-port format.
Universal - Supports all major industry charging standards. BYOD.
In-built over-current protection.
Comes with sync ability - sync in numbers.
Available as a desktop system, or fully customised integration into cases, locker systems, trolleys and any suitable casing.The only universal, full-spec, tailor-made multiple device charger in the world.

Fast charging system through multiple ports (Not low powered USB charge!)
Simultaneous charging at 5V - up to 2 Amps per port from one mains input.
Universal - BYOD - Any compatible USB to micro-USB, mini-USB, Apple 30-Pin, Apple lightning connector, Nokia thin pin, etc. cable. Not Brand Specific!
Scalable - 8,16,32,64-Port (and above)
Dimensions - Size (L)22cm x (W)13cm x (H)8cm, Weight: 1.5kg.
Can be integrated into any suitable casing (Up to mil-spec) - static and mobile units available.
Dynamic Thermal Cooling System - fan speeds will adjust based on number of devices connected (and other factors) maintaining optimum operating temperature.
Robust - full powered operation from -25°C to +50°C Power efficient technology with over-current protection & status LEDs on each port.
Meets battery charging specification (BC1.2) for dedicated charger port (DCP) Meets Chinese Telecommunications Industry Standards (YD/1591-2009)
Supports sleep-mode charging for most available Apple devices AD/or BC1.2 compliant devices.


(For Chargebus models with sync capability)
Chargebus will charge and sync multiple devices (from 16-64) simultaneously. Simply plug your host computer/device into the Chargebus sync port to sync multiple devices using the manufacturer’s dedicated sync application. (eg. Apple Configurator)
Universal Sync Mode (UCS) allows communications with any device - Android, Apple, etc. In UCS mode, devices will charge in USB mode to mimic standard syncing.
Apple Sync Mode (ACS) allows Apple devices to fast charge during the sync process.

CHARGEBUS can serve in a variety of setups. Other than as a freestanding device, it can be integrated into carry cases and lockers. Of great use in:

Train Stations
Schools & Universities
Offices & Secure Facilities
Waiting Areas of any kind
Business Centres
Festivals & Concerts
Shopping Malls
Car Service Centres
Golf Tournaments
Military & Defence

Case Internal Dimension(mm) Depth(mm) External Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
Length Width Depth Lid Base Length Width Depth With Foam W/out Foam With Divider
Chargebus With Custom Case 432 160 157 51 107 462 213 170 N/A N/A N/A
Medium image of Chargebus With Custom Case
Medium image of Chargebus With Custom Case
Medium image of Chargebus With Custom Case
Medium image of Chargebus With Custom Case
Medium image of Chargebus With Custom Case